The race to fill the power vacuum created by Oprah Winfrey has just ended for one silvery thoroughbred, as Anderson Cooper's syndicated daytime talk show Anderson will not be returning for a third season. Cooper's attempt to follow in his hero Phil Donahue's footsteps has consistently underperformed since its debut—much like similar talk shows starring Katie Couric, Jeff Probst, and Ricki Lake have also disappointed executives, and those who live the sort of lives where they're around to watch talk shows in the afternoon. In Cooper's case, he can at least be commended for bringing some of the same willingness to be bluntly honest that he continues to display on CNN, making headlines (if not nabbing viewers) for eviscerating Star Jones after she accused him of coming out just for ratings, and—as in the clip below (via UPROXX)—never hesitating to tell a dreadful person she's dreadful, such as this dreadful mom who insists on getting her 15-year-old daughter plastic surgery. You won't see Steve Harvey doing that, is all we're saying.