Though the band was, like, totally just in it for the music, man, The Grateful Dead managed to gross about $55 million dollars for its five recent reunion shows. According to Billboard, the Dead sold about 212,000 tickets for its three final Chicago shows which, at about $120 a ticket, netted the group a cool $24.5 million. Kick in totals for the band’s two previous Santa Clara, California shows last weekend—130,000 attendees total—and that brings the box office gross up to about $50 million. Add to that figure the merch totals—each Grateful, peace-loving attendee spent about $25 on T-shirts and bandannas and little bear stickers for their cars or whatever—and kick another $5 million into the kitty.

That total isn’t even the final figure on what the band could be taking home from this whole reunion. Billboard reports that totals are still being tabulated for how many people watched the Dead shows live in movie theaters and on pay-per-view, meaning that $55 million tally could go up exponentially. The band will also release recorded versions of each of the Chicago shows later this year, just in case its members weren’t already rich enough.