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The Grand Budapest Hotel is now being reviewed on TripAdvisor

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In what is potentially a PR stunt for the U.K. DVD release of Wes Anderson’s latest film—or just a fan lark—people have begun reviewing Zubrowka’s legendary Grand Budapest Hotel on TripAdvisor. The guests at the fictional hotel all seem to be quite satisfied, giving it zero “Poor” or “Terrible” reviews, and with most people ranking it as “Excellent.” The most satisfied guest is likely MaureenD86, who was especially smitten by one M. Gustave’s legendary concierge skills.

“I am a lady in my 80s and I had the pleasure of staying in this wonderful hotel. Charming, luxurious, soothing, breathtaking… these are just some of the words I’d use to describe the concierge. Simply put, Gustav blew my mind. The hotel wasn’t bad either.”


And who knew the place would be just as fun for families?

“My family stayed at this beautiful pink hotel earlier this year while on holiday in Zubrowka and we absolutely loved it! I was initially worried that I would not be able to find an atmosphere that my husband, our two teenage boys, and my elderly mother would all enjoy, but this wonderful hotel was perfect for all of us. The boys enjoyed exploring the mountainside, my husband and I loved the romantic view, and my mother was well-cared for by the delightful concierge. We all can’t wait to come back next year, especially my mom!”

PhillipR was one of the few guests who ranked his stay as “Average,” but you can’t please everyone.

“As much as I enjoy the solitude, though, it’s not perfect. The elevator has the odor of some strong cologne that just won’t dissipate, and every so often a VERY creepy old man wanders around and sleeps in the servant’s quarters. I’m sorry, but somebody like that has no business amongst the classes that would be staying in a grand hotel.”

There are more than 20 reviews up already, and the pink hotel shines on all fronts, earning at least four out of five green dots for Location, Sleep Quality, Service, Rooms, Value, and Cleanliness. Go forth, commenters, but remember to take it easy on the old girl.

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