Google’s Street View is a valuable tool for armchair tourists and lazy voyeurs, but it can also provide an interesting anthropological snapshot of the human race. Witness artist Jon Rafman’s Tumblr project “9 Eyes,” which collects images from Street View that display unique moments in time from around the world. The activities the all-seeing Google Van captures range from the fantastic (a truck on fire, the aftermath of a scooter accident) to the mundane (security guards on Segways, kids playing Cops And Robbers) to the scandalous (lots and lots of hookers). There’s some beautiful scenery in the mix—penguins chilling in Antarctica, soaring birds being all majestic and shit—but 9 Eyes is more interesting as a window into what humans get up to when they think no one’s looking. (NSFW-ish: the occasional blurry prostitute/mooner.)


[Image credits: Google via 9 Eyes]