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The Good Wife passive-aggressively invites Emmy voters to acknowledge its greatness

The Hollywood Reporter reports that CBS’s mailer to Emmy voters this week included the adorably passive-aggressive card below, which sweetly compared the number of episodes in The Good Wife’s fifth season (22) against the notably lesser counts of its major rivals:

Hollywood Reporter

The card looks to be printed on a heavy, cream cardstock, with a lovely blue and aquamarine watercolor marbling on the right. Elegant italics outline how much better The Good Wife is than its peers; a charmingly polka-dotted bar graph offers visual proof of the same. And on the bottom, offset in a matching-but-not-matchy blue, a sick-burn quote from The New Republic: “Try doing this 22 times a year.”

The Good Wife has already won a few Emmys, largely for its acting performances; Julianna Margulies, Archie Panjabi, Carrie Preston, and Martha Plimpton have all taken away awards for their work on the show. But coming off a blockbuster fifth season, The Good Wife’s parent network, CBS, is angling for the bigger prize of Outstanding Drama Series. The show has been nominated twice for its two first seasons, and has been overlooked ever since. And because the show is on one of the major networks, it follows the 22-episode cycle—unlike, say, the eight episodes of True Detective, a series that sparked a minor uproar when it opted to submit in the drama category, as opposed to miniseries.

It’s very Good Wife to send out a huge “fuck you” to its cable competitors in the form of a subtle, elegant card that could be mistaken for a wedding invitation. Is it tacky? Sure. But so are wedding registries. Doesn’t mean they’re wrong.

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