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The Good Place's Mike Schur to write book How To Be Good since people are still garbage

Illustration for article titled iThe Good Place/is Mike Schur to write book iHow To Be Good /isince people are still garbage
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For over a decade, TV writer and producer Mike Schur has tried his damnedest to create shows that exemplify the enduring powers of kindness, authenticity, and the innate desire to be decent versions of ourselves. The Good Place, which centered on a group of endearing try-hards learning how to be good people, is his latest and likely most aggressive example of this effort. We like to think that a lot of us make daily attempts to put our best foot forward, but a few of us still struggle with the concept. So it’s a good thing Schur is writing a book titled How to Be Good: A Definitive Answer for Exactly What to Do, In Every Possible Situation, which will put things in black, white, and hopefully the clearest of terms.

Publisher Simon & Schuster announced Tuesday that the Emmy-winning creator is writing something that, much like The Good Place, will merge comedy with philosophy to “deal with the large and small ethical challenges we all face every day.” And while fans won’t have the benefit of Janet or Michael to guide them through life’s confusion (or Jason Mendoza to pop off an alarming Jacksonville anecdote, which can be just as effective), they will have Schur’s brand of faith in the human race at their fingertips sometime in 2021. In a statement Schur confessed, “I have no idea how to write a book.” But if Jerry Gergich can figure out how to be Pawnee’s mayor, we think Schur can handle a book.

[Via ABC News]

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