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The Good Place follows exactly 8 Twitter accounts, and somehow none of them are Blake Bortles

Photo: Colleen Hayes (NBC)

NBC’s The Good Place has never been afraid to poke some fun at modern celebrity culture—see, for example, every single person Tahani has enthusiastically namedropped over the show’s two seasons—and now it looks like the show’s social media team is getting in on the fun, too. As noted by writer Megan Amram, The Good Place Twitter account is apparently super-selective about who it follows on the social media network, throwing its support behind exactly eight entities. Specifically, it follows the eight accounts shown in Amram’s tweet below, forming a kind of loose psychological profile of the show’s entire make-up:


First off: Kudos to whoever snapped up @Shrimp and @Superman, and then decided to totally waste them by never tweeting. Meanwhile, though, it’s tempting to try to assign specific accounts—like The Real Housewives, which is such an Eleanor pick—to specific characters on the show, but the absence of Jason Mendoza’s beloved @BBortles5 does seem to make that whole idea folly. Still, the accounts that are there present an interesting cross-section of the show’s interests, with the bureaucracy of the U.S. Postal Service bleeding into the blandness of Sensodyne toothpaste, into the kickass nature of Stone Cold Steve Austin or Rihanna. If there’s a bigger joke hidden here—like with the KFC Twitter account people figured out last year—we’re not seeing it, but it’s hard not to look at that list of names and not think, yep, The Good Place.

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