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The Good Place cast and crew say that "everything is fine," thanks to Mike Schur

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The Good Place panel drew in hundreds of fans at the last Comic-Con before its previously announced final season, some having waited in line from the wee morning hours just for a glimpse of Team Cockroach. Naturally, the impending end was heavily discussed during their panel at the Indigo Ballroom, though the conversation contained more than enough light moments to spare. They touched on Kristen Bell’s turn as director, who “enjoyed directing the cast” for one of the final episodes of the series. They also showed the audience the treasured gag reel from season three, which led to a communal gush session over D’Arcy Carden’s indelible performance in the Emmy-nominated episode, “Janet(s).”


As the end drew near, there was a noted shift in energy. Bell took a moment to compliment and thank Michael Schur for empowering people and seeing their great potential. Afterward, in speaking with Manny Jacinto, he mentioned to The A.V. Club that his time on Good Place taught him so much: “Mike stopped me once and told that my [comedic] timing was great, but to be mindful to always be truthful.” There is something to be said about having the power to end a show on your own terms, especially when an all-star cast and crew are so committed to the work done.

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