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The Good Fight to keep fightin' good thanks to fourth season renewal

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Less than a month out from The Good Fight’s season 3 finale, Deadline reports that CBS All Access has ordered a fourth season of its bold, morally-complex legal drama. Though it began as a spin-off of The Good Wife, the series has, thanks in no small part to Christine Baranski’s powerhouse performance, blossomed into an institution all its own.


The Good Fight is in the middle of an incredible third season and continues to be a flagship original series for the service,” said CBS All Access’ Julie McNamara in a statement. “Its visionary creators Robert and Michelle King and the extraordinary cast continue to explore the cultural climate with insight, humor and courage, and we can’t wait to see where these indelible characters go next.”

And explore that cultural climate they do. One of our complaints about the ongoing third season, which has taken direct aim at the post-truth culture of modern America, is that it’s “starting to feel a bit like a game of anti-Trump whack-a-mole instead of a cogent and potent legal drama.” In a recent review, our own Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya wrote, “Sometimes, the fact that The Good Fight feels like political fanfiction is very fun. Other times, it’s so on-the-nose that it takes away from some of its own power and nuance.”


We nevertheless remain optimistic about the series’ fourth season, as well as this season’s finale, which will be available on Thursday, May 16.

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