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The Kings are taking on Dick Wolf and Donald Trump at the same time.Variety reports that Sunday’s The Good Fight will feature a case involving a television episode about a Trump-like character’s alleged sexual assault that never makes it to air. Naturally, that calls to mind the pulled Law & Order: SVU also about a Trump-like character accused of such crimes.

Co-creator Michelle King insists that the episode is really more about the president than it is about CBS’ rival network NBC. “We didn’t really feel that we were taking shots at NBC,” she told Variety. “It was very much a generic network and the fear was that any network or entertainment conglomerate could end up being frightened by this administration.” Meanwhile, Robert King argues that the episode is not so much about the SVU episode as it is about the “the fact that they hadn’t put it on the air yet and the subject matter is so provocative. And the fact that it was delayed not once, but twice.” Still, Variety notes that one Good Fight character refers to the fictional TV series as “one of those Chicago shows,” which is as good a Wolf dig as we’ve ever heard. (For what it’s worth, Ice-T recently told Vanity Fair that the Trump episode was not “one of our best shows.”)


Now we’re just holding out for the SVU episode that somehow deals with the stars of a critically acclaimed drama who despise each other so much they won’t shoot scenes together.

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