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The Goldbergs—the ABC sitcom no one you know watches, but that you’ve heard is maybe, sort of, kind of okay (even though it’s hard to believe, given the presence of all those bad wigs)—is getting a second season. That is, if you believe the show’s creator, Adam F. Goldberg, who dropped the news at the show’s Paley Center panel Monday night. The renewal is, according to Goldberg, “not official,” but if true it would mean that the ’80s-themed family sitcom would return in the fall.


Goldberg, who based the show on his life, also says he’s not likely to run out of wacky source material for the sitcom any time soon, as he has literally thousands of hours of home video to draw from. He ended the Paley Center panel by telling a story about the time his mom came to stay with him during his first weekend away at college—ostensibly to prove that his whole life has basically been leading up to him creating and selling a sitcom that would get at least two seasons on a major network.

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