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The going rate for a selfie with Justin Bieber is a cool $2,000 these days

Justin Bieber with his No. 1 fan (Photo: Instagram.com/Justinbieber)

Even though Justin Bieber has consistently demonstrated his proclivity toward being an insufferable brat by throwing eggs at a house, getting a DUI, and thinking a public apology via Ellen will clear him of any wrongdoing, people apparently never waver in their love of a good comeback story. BBC reports that meet-and-greet tickets on Bieber’s Purpose tour are going for as much as $2,000 for a package featuring “The Ultimate Purpose Experience”—one selfie with Bieber, a backstage tour, and an official tour plaque—on the high end.

Of course, fans can always opt for the lesser $925 VIP option, but that only earns them a group photo, and the cheapest $375 VIP package comes with just a measly merchandise set, “dedicated VIP entrance,” and “exclusive” laminate. $2,000 for the honor of a standing next to Bieber for an awkward two or three seconds while you snap a blurry selfie is an egregious sum, but it isn’t even close to the most unadvisable cash ever spent on the pop star. New Yorkers who saw the words “Justin Bieber is a smileophile” in the sky on a recent summer day would likely agree.


The Purpose tour kicks off March 9 in Seattle.

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