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When we last saw our favorite ‘80s-era women wrestlers in the season two finale of GLOW, they were on a bus, headed toward an exciting new opportunity in Las Vegas. At the time, the funny, empowering, big-haired Netflix series had not yet been renewed for season three, and many fans held their collective breaths hoping to get the chance to see Ruth (Alison Brie), Debbie (Betty Gilpin), Carmen (Britney Young), et al. put on a stage show in Vegas.

Fortunately, the good news of the renewal finally arrived, and now the year-long wait for a new GLOW season nears its end. Netflix announced in a recent press release that the new season will drop on August 9 (which, frankly, still seems like an agonizingly long time away). No trailer yet, but the streaming service teases that the ladies will be headlining at the Fan-Tan Hotel And Casino (which sounds like an upgrade from the L.A. motel they had been staying in). Nonetheless, says Netflix, “the women quickly realize Sin City is much more grind than glitter.”


Also, “Ruth’s passion for the show begins to take a backseat to her growingly complicated personal life,” perhaps hinting that her romance with director Sam (Marc Maron) finally gets off the ground? Meanwhile, Debbie struggles with being so far away from her son. Overall, says Netflix, “As their residency wears on, the lines blur between performance and reality, and the cast find themselves struggling with their own identities both in and outside of the ring.” GLOW business as usual, in other words, and it can’t arrive soon enough. Now counting down the days until August 9.

Gwen Ihnat is the Editorial Coordinator for The A.V. Club.

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