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The Ghostbusters with the men in it is coming back to theaters


Offering what could be seen as an ectoplasmic olive branch to the hordes of Ghostbusters fans who refuse to support Paul Feig’s new movie (for whatever reasons they might care to name), Sony has announced that it’ll be bringing the 1984 original, and all its attendant menfolk, back into theaters on June 8. That’s the date of the 34th anniversary of the original film’s release, back when people could just enjoy a nice spectral blowjob scene without having to worry about a bunch of females barging in—what with their uteruses and jokes and proven box office drawing power—and ruining all the fun.

The movie will air via Fathom Events, meaning that AMC, Regal and Cinemark Theaters will all be offering screenings on the 8th, and then again on June 12th. Brooklyn residents will also be able to check out a real-life version of the Ghostbusters headquarters in a converted warehouse, where they’ll get to wear proton packs, watch the movie, and spend time in a vision of the past where many would likely prefer to live.


You can watch the trailer for the original Ghostbusters—which, unlike the one for its successor, has not been downvoted on YouTube so many times that people are writing headlines about it—right here:

[via Variety]


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