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The Get Down’s Shameik Moore will voice your friendly animated Spider-Man

(Photo: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Sony’s Spider-Man movie—not Spider-Man: Homecoming, but the animated one featuring Miles Morales—has founds its star. According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Get Down’s Shameik Moore will voice the hero in the film that’s being written and produced by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. (Yes, those dudes are responsible for basically every beloved property these days.) THR also reports that Liev Schreiber has been tapped to provide the menacing sounds of the bad guy, but just what Spidey antagonist he’ll be playing is still a secret.

Moore, who currently stars as Shaolin Fantastic on The Get Down, had his break-out role in Rick Famuyiwa’s Dope. He’s also set to appear in the James Franco-directed project The Pretenders. Donald Glover, who inspired the creation of Miles Morales, has voiced the character in the TV series Ultimate Spider-Man. Glover, however, will appear in the Peter Parker-focused Spider-Man: Homecoming, but in an unknown role.


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