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The genre apocalypse continues with Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens

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Should the upcoming Cowboys Vs. Aliens or the in-development Zombies Vs. Robots or the (languishing) NBC pilot Zombies Vs. Vampires or Jonah Hill’s prospective zombies and vampires versus aliens project or Cowboy Ninja Viking somehow prove insufficient at sating your thirst for established genre tropes vs.-ing other genre tropes, Barry Sonnenfeld totally has you covered. He’s planning to follow up Men In Black III with a film called Dominion: Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens that will imagine a prehistoric battle between ancient terrible lizards and visitors from outer space using the same “smashing random toys together” means of storytelling employed by children for generations now. Finally, the answers to years of Internet conspiracy theories and literal days of wondering what mash-up would be next off the assembly line.

As you might have guessed, Dinosaurs Vs. Aliens is an adaptation of a graphic novel—though in a rare reverse engineering for this sort of project, Sonnenfeld actually had to create the graphic novel he will adapt, which won’t see debut until later this year. And in the one aspect of the project that demands begrudging consideration, it will be drawn by Mukesh Singh and written by his 18 Days collaborator, Grant Morrison, who will also be making his feature screenwriting debut. Where Morrison’s dialogue will fit into a story about dinosaurs battling spaceships remain to be seen, but there could be a hint in this detail that they have “a lot more intelligence than previously realized.” For example, they didn’t spend all of their time wondering whether, say, sharks or pterodactyls would win in a fight. (Sharks, right?!)

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