The Game Of Thrones cast finally managed to throw a wedding without anybody getting murdered

We’re going to look pretty dumb when it turns out that those flowers are carrying greyscale, huh?
Photo: Mark R. Milan (Getty Images)

Defying the series’ tradition of Red, Purple, and presumably other-colored Weddings that end with somebody inevitably getting their throat slit or literally puking out their own guts, the cast of Game Of Thrones have finally managed to watch someone get married without anybody being murdered. It probably helped that the nuptials in question—between Kit “Jon Snow” Harington and Rose “You know nothing, Jon Snow” Leslie—took place in the real world, instead of the homicide-happy fields of Westeros.

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The two—who met on the show’s set in 2012, and who’ve remained one of the most resolutely cute things about the HBO series ever since—were married in Scotland today, with a number of their GoT castmates in attendance. Actors on hand included Peter Dinklage, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, and Richard “Robb Stark” Madden, who, we have to assume, had to start looking at least a little nervous when the band get ready to play. (Meanwhile, no word on whether any genius prankster thought to bribe the performers into slipping “The Rains Of Castemere” into their usual wedding playlist.)

Of course, the day’s still not out, so it’s always possible that, like, the Westworld cast are still preparing some bloody coup to usurp the beloved series’ power, killing hundreds of extras and a few main cast members in the process. Still, we’re tentatively hopeful that Harington and Leslie have beaten the show’s streak of miserable weddings.


[via Variety]


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