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What We Do In The Shadows

Last summer, Jemaine Clement announced that a sequel to What We Do In The Shadows was in the early planning stages, thereby delighting fans of the hilarious mockumentary. The actor-director said the movie would center on Anton’s (Rhys Darby) band of werewolves-not-swearwolves, but since then, details about the project have emerged at a Nosferatu-like pace. It was nearly six months ago that we learned the title of the film would be the gratifyingly punny, We’re Wolves. Luckily, Clement’s co-director, Taika Waititi, has just revealed a little more about the film’s story.

Waititi’s out promoting his latest comedy, Hunt For The Wilderpeople, while also dreaming up the end of the Nordic world for Marvel in Thor: Ragnarok. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Waititi said he and Clement are definitely still working on the sequel: “We want to do it, and we’re coming up with story ideas,” he said. As for what story We’re Wolves will tell, Waititi said that Darby and Stuart Rutherford will reprise their roles and “[vie] for position as the alpha male in the werewolf gang.” So it sounds like Anton and Stu aren’t going to worry much about being like-anthropes.


The writer-director (and co-star) said What We Do In The Shadows was a labor-intensive labor of love that was seven years in the making. But with the framework already in place, the sequel won’t be nearly as protracted in its production.

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