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Illustration for article titled The iFuller House/i trailer becomes an even more terrifying threat with the right music

As if the prospect of more Full House wasn’t already alarming, someone has gone and made the trailer an expertly crafted teaser for some sort of horror movie. Netflix premiered the trailer for the continuation/sequel series Fuller House yesterday, although it just featured a familiar set and the voices of cast members as they approach the front door. Now, using music from an acclaimed 2015 horror film, Screencrush has revealed that it’s the perfect set up for some sort of chilling tale.


The website promptly posted this video after the Netflix trailer debuted, changing the background music to a piece from It Follows (one of A.V. Club’s top movies of 2015, by the way). The song, “Old Maid” by Disasterpeace, grants an otherwise heartwarming scene a new sense of foreboding as the disembodied voices get ever closer to entering the house. This new soundtrack prompts all sorts of questions and makes it a much more tense affair. What are they going to do with the puppy? What happens if you mess with Uncle Jesse’s hair? And what really happened to Michelle? Prepare to have spines tingled by watching the new remixed trailer below.

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