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The full pilot episode of Syfy's Deadly Class adaptation is now online

It’s relatively close to lunch time, depending on where you live, and we’re steadily approaching the handful of December days when most people don’t have to go to work whether they care about Christianity or not, so we’re gonna say “fuck it” and just watch some TV. Luckily, the Syfy channel is feeling similarly lazy, as it has released the full pilot episode of its adaptation of Rick Remender and Wes Craig’s Deadly Class on YouTube (as well as Syfy’s website, the Syfy app, and the USA app, though YouTube seems like the easiest choice). As noted by Deadline, this same episode was already shown to attendees at the New York Comicvention earlier this year, so the people who were there may have already seen it, but it’s new to the rest of us. The series itself won’t premiere until January 16, but this YouTube version will be pulled before that so watch it while you can or wait until next month.


If you’d like to know what you’re getting into before watching the pilot, the original comic was about a teenage orphan who gets enrolled in a secret high school where criminals send their children so they can be trained as assassins.

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