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The Friends festival returns for more “Smelly Cat” karaoke and fountain dancing


Things have been a little unsettled in the United Kingdom lately, what with the results of the Brexit vote threatening to send the economy into disarray and the recent Game Of Thrones finale inciting a fear of meat pies. But the people of England don’t need to worry. Even if they always feel like they’re stuck in second gear, when it hasn’t been their day, their week, their month, or even their year, the classic NBC sitcom Friends will be there for them. That’s why, for the second year in a row, Comedy Central U.K. will be bringing the world of Friends to life with its Friends festival, a celebration of what it was like to live in New York City in the ’90s and also have a huge apartment.

Last year, the festival was held in a warehouse that contained a full-scale recreation of Monica’s apartment—much like what Hulu did with the Seinfeld apartment here in America. Because the Friends love is so strong in the U.K., though, the festival will be expanded this year to include multiple sets from the show, Friends-inspired food, Friends-inspired alcohol, and it’ll even be traveling throughout the U.K. to hit all of biggest Friends fans from London to Oxfordshire.

As for the set recreations that’ll be included, there’s Central Perk and the fountain from the intro, but also that diner Monica worked at for a while, the chapel where Ross and Rachel got married in Vegas, the sand mermaid that Joey made, and (for some reason) the ‘80s dance party that Monica and Rachel went to in one of those flashbacks. Plus, there will even be “Smelly Cat” karaoke, so fans can prove once and for all who is the best at annoying people with that song.

Tickets go on sale later this week, and you can see the list of the festival’s stops below.


August 24-29—Haggerston Park—London, U.K.

September 1-4—Chiswick House And Gardens—London, U.K.

September 7-11—Hylands House—Essex, U.K.

September 14-18—Harewood House—Yorkshire, U.K.

September 21-25—Knebworth House—Hertfordshire, U.K.

September 28-October 1—Blenheim Palace—Oxfordshire, U.K.

[via Metro]

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