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The fourth week of our TV Reviews section takes a wider view, then dissects The Walking Dead

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Our TV Reviews section enters its fourth week of pieces, and we hope it hasn’t only changed your world and the way you think about television, but has also justified the fact that the Internet exists. Anything less, and we’d be very disappointed in ourselves.


What’s on the docket for this week? Well, it’s the usual mix of new shows, made-for-TV movies and documentaries, and returning favorites. But we’re also beginning to review shows from the perspective of several episodes having passed, with David Sims taking on a talk show we figure you guys would be really into.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s lineup.


  • TV has become an unlikely home for lots of different film auteurs in the last several years. Will it make a welcoming home for playwright, director, and provocateur Neil LaBute? Brandon Nowalk checks out his new DirecTV series Full Circle, debuting Wednesday, to find out.
  • The CW has remade The Tomorrow People for reasons we’re not quite clear on, but it probably has something to do with Arrow being such a big hit for them. The series debuts Wednesday, and Erik Adams will have a pilot review for you.
  • Erik’s also checking out the first episode of the latest season of FX’s American Horror Story, which is entitled “Bitchcraft,” because that Ryan Murphy is a clever little monster. Coven makes its debut Wednesday, and you are encouraged to pronounce “Coven” like the American Movie guys do.
  • Finally, David Sims breaks the champagne bottle over the prow of the other part of this section’s coverage, as he pulls back to take a look at the last stretch of episodes of public access and online talk show The Chris Gethard Show, which he compares favorably to Breaking Bad because of course he does. The show airs new episodes Wednesday nights.


  • Assuming he gets a screener sometime soon, Todd VanDerWerff will have thoughts on ABC’s new attempt to milk a franchise dry, Once Upon A Time In Wonderland, which debuts Thursday.


  • Philadelphia native Molly Eichel checks out a new Showtime documentary chronicling a local music festival, Made In America. It debuts Friday and features performances from Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Pearl Jam, among others.


  • The new season of The Walking Dead starts Sunday, and Todd VanDerWerff has watched the first two episodes to let you know if the characters are worth watching outside of the times they become zombie chow. We’re pulling for the zombies.


  • Other critics have enjoyed Last Tango In Halifax, that crazy show about two old people who find each other and fall in love using the Internet. Will Sonia Saraiya feel similarly? You can find out today. The show continues to air on Sundays.

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