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The Found Footage guys snuck onto local news as the world’s worst strongman team

(Photo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73_TpfedpjQ)

Every few years, we’re delighted to see that our old friends Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher of The Found Footage Festival—who used to host their own video series around here, way back when—have gotten back into a pranking mood, releasing a new video detailing their ongoing absurdist war against the world of local news. In the past, Joe and Nick have talked various well-meaning Midwest anchors and correspondents into playing along with them as inept chefs and troubled yo-yo experts, but this time, they’re going after the fitness market.

Billing themselves as the vaguely inspirational “Chop & Steele,” the duo wowed some of the biggest names in Wisconsin news with feats of strength, like snapping sticks with their bare hands, or withstanding a barrage of gently thrown sticks. (A lot of the feats involve sticks.) “Go ahead and try this at home!” they gamely recommend, as their hosts feign amazement at their wicker-smashing antics, and mentally compose the screaming rant they’ll launch at their talent booker the next time they meet.


UPDATE: Looks like the video’s been pulled for now. We’ll update with a working video if one surfaces.

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