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Thank the gods for Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher, two funny dudes who have devoted their lives to excavating, filing, and curating the weirdest shit ever committed to VHS. Home videos, exercise tapes, instructional videos, old pornos called Frisbee Fuckers—all that and more can be seen at their wild live shows and on their DVDs, the hilarious content of which is currently streaming for free on the Found Footage Festival website through March 31.


The pair will also be livestreaming and ramping up bonus content for their Patreon backers (become one here). “If, like us, you’re stuck inside and bored of Netflix already, we’ve got you covered. Joe and I are back from our UK tour and have self-quarantined ourselves in our office of 11,000 tapes with nothing but time to watch them with you,” they wrote in an email to subscribers.Want a full hour of Joe’s Tedium Corner? Joe is insisting on it. Want a live camera on Nick’s dog Marty for an hour? It’s going to happen.”

As a sign of what’s to come during this quarantine, the pair have shared a terrifying compilation of the Magical Sponge lady, one of the highlights of their collection.

There are worse ways to spend your time.

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