Unsurprisingly, former Mitt Romney aides aren't too stoked about how they’ve been portrayed on recent episodes of Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom. This season has found producer Jim Harper (fictionally) riding on the Romney campaign’s bus while being stymied at every turn for asking “real” questions, not just reporting the talking points. This past weekend, Harper even got himself permanently kicked off the bus, along with a couple of other reporters, for asking about Romney’s one-time pro-choice stance, and not whatever other economic bullshit they were supposed to ask about.

Seeing as how The Newsroom is a fictional show, that entire situation is, of course, totally made up, but this hasn’t stopped actual Romney aides from protesting their (fictional) portrayal on the show. Ryan Williams, a campaign spokesman who travelled with the governor, tells the Salt Lake Tribune that no one ever got kicked off the bus during the real campaign, adding, “You would have heard about that if it had happened.” He also said that Sorkin’s take on the campaign, shockingly, “doesn’t seem to be very close to the truth,” and that even reporters who were incredibly critical of Romney were allowed to travel on the campaign’s press bus and plane. So, basically, Harper wouldn’t have gotten kicked off the bus for asking questions, no matter how hard he tried—nor how forlorn he was over Maggie and Don. Keep that in mind, we guess.


[via UPROXX]