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The Force is strong with this fan-made trailer for an Obi-Wan Kenobi solo film

Kenobi: A Star Wars Story Trailer (Screenshot: Vimeo)

With Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fast approaching, people are starting to think of the other possible spin-offs for the Star Wars universe. There’s the young Han Solo movie and the proposed Boba Fett film, but what of that gallant and regal space monk Obi-Wan? When is he going to get his due? Thanks to this trailer, fans can envision what an Obi-Wan Kenobi solo film would look like.

Filmmaker Rich Williamson made this trailer using footage from Last Days In The Desert and Revenge Of The Sith. It shows a contemplative Kenobi in exile, struggling with the sins of the past while dutifully watching over Luke Skywalker (from a distance).


Kenobi: A Star Wars Story Teaser from Rich Williamson on Vimeo.

Yes, the Qui-Gon Jinn Force ghost is a bit wonky. But everything else about this is incredibly appealing. The idea of a quiet, thoughtful character study of a man without a country trying to make do in a savage land while battling his own inner demons and guilt? That would be a big departure from the (presumed) action-packed space operatics of Rogue One and the other spin-off films, and it could be incredibly rewarding. Ewan McGregor has proven (in Last Days In The Desert, among other films) to be able to carry such a weight on his shoulders and convey these mixed emotions, so it would be interesting to see him flex his dramatic muscles and give Obi-Wan some much-needed depth. Basically, it looks like Gerry but with space ghosts and rocket ships, which isn’t the worst-sounding thing either.

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