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The Flash season 4 will include Anne Dudek and a non-speedster villain

Photo: Ben Mark Holzberg/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

You would think at this point The Flash could use fewer characters, not more, but it looks like things are going to get even more crowded at Star Labs. TV Line reveals that Magicians star Anne Dudek will pop up on The Flash’s season four as Tracy Gold, who is not a Growing Pains alum, but “a smorgasbord of quirky idiosyncrasies” and apparently a genius from the future. ScreenRant reports that the new season will have a “brand new villain,” and “the producers promise that season 4 won’t have Team Flash face off against yet another super-speedster.” This comes as a vast relief to Flash fans, as the tally of super-fast people between Barry’s friends, relatives, and enemies is nearing double digits. Dudek’s character implies that the time-traveling show may venture to the future this time, instead of having Barry going backward to muck everything up in the past.

In addition to her current Magicians gig, Dudek has appeared on Mad Men, Big Love, House, and Covert Affairs. Her “quirky idiosyncrasies” character, and The Flash’s tendency to pair everyone off, ark-like, leads us to speculate that Tracy may be a match for Harry (Tom Cavanagh), or perhaps his Earth-19 doppelganger, H.R. Maybe Harry can get into a romantic triangle with himself! The mind reels, but it would still be an improvement on The Flash’s somber season three. Things hopefully will lighten up a bit tonight for the speedster series’ musical crossover episode with Supergirl.


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