Fans of The Flaming Lips have been waiting patiently for Oklahoma's premiere freak-rockers to follow up 2006's disappointing At War With The Mystics, and it looks like their patience will be rewarded this September with the release of an album the band is tentatively calling Embryonic. And guess what? It'll be the band's first double album. In an interview with Billboard, top Lip Wayne Coyne explains that the band is still writing and recording, but that they set out from the start to make something a little longer and looser this time out, with more room for experimenting and "sprawl." Based on the song descriptions Coyne provided—including one song that's "Joy Division meets Miles Davis"—it sounds like Embryonic could be the record that breaks The Flaming Lips out of their recent rut. Or it could be an unmitigated disaster. Either way, we're anxious to hear it.