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The Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize" is no longer the state rock song of Oklahoma

Denoting even further the band’s fall from the mainstream, The Flaming Lips’ “Do You Realize” is no longer Oklahoma’s official state rock song. Though it’s just become public information this week, apparently the move happened back in 2011, when the then-newly-inaugurated Governor, Mary Fallin, didn’t renew the executive order that had originally made the track official.

According to a spokesman, the Republican Governor had more pressing things to do, like boosting school security and considering whether or not to sign a bill banning Sharia law from state courtrooms, and “addressing the state rock ‘n’ roll song did not make the cut.” Whatever, square.


Democratic representative Joe Dorman, who originally sponsored the bill to make the song official, told The Associated Press that he thinks Fallin’s failure to sign the order is a political move designed to make her look more conservative. According to Dorman, designating an official state rock song was done “to bring attention to Oklahoma’s history of rock ‘n’ roll,” but now everyone will just have to return to knowing the state as “the one that looks kind of like a frying pan.”

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