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The Flaming Lips announce new album, Oczy Mlody

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Rick Kern)

It looks like Wayne Coyne survived the shot of Malort some cruel website forced him to take at Riot Fest in September, because he and The Flaping Lips have just announced a new album. Titled Oczy Mlody, the album is set to be released on January 13, which also happens to be Coyne’s birthday. The Future Heart explains that the title is “broken Polish” for the phrase “eyes of the young,” which also happens be part of the title to one of the songs on the album—“Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young)”—so it’s not quite as weird as it may seem. Luckily, the album art is weird enough to make up for that, which means nobody has to worry about The Flaming Lips losing their edge any time soon. You can see the album art below and listen to a preview of the album’s first single, which should be available on iTunes tonight at midnight.


[via Stereogum]

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