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The first trailer for the long-awaited Shenmue III has arrived

Illustration for article titled The first trailer for the long-awaited iShenmue III/i has arrived
Screenshot: Shenmue III

Shenmue III, the long-simmering sequel to the Dreamcast cult hit, was delayed to November earlier this month, which is probably a good thing since its new trailer doesn’t really have a next-gen look to it. Of course, that might be a good thing for those who want some of that Dreamcast realness on display. The trailer arrived at the PC Gaming Show, where creator Yu Suzuki said the “work is nearly over” on the project.


Shenmue III, which was Kickstarted into existence back in 2015, picks up where its predecessors, 1999's Shenmue and 2001's Shenmue II, left off, with Ryo Hazuki traveling to the mountains of Guilin, China, where he encounters a new antagonist Niao Sun and deepens his connection with Ling Shenhua, a mysterious woman who previously appeared in his dreams. The original games helped blaze the trailer for open-world video games, and its day-and-night system, weather effects, and fleshed-out NPCs remain impressive to this day.

The above footage is heavy on cutscenes and, frankly, not all that visually stunning. The trailer does note, however, that the gameplay presented in the trailer is not final. Check it out below.

Per the game’s Kickstarter page, Shenmue III will be available for PS4 and as an Epic Games Store exclusive come November.  

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