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The first time you see Hamilton might be on NBC

(Photo credit: Joan Marcus)

It’s late at night. You’re hurrying home, the sky a threatening dark rumble of potential storms. You look around—the street seems deserted. Suddenly, you hear it: A low, ghostly moan, echoing through your head, coming from seemingly all directions at once.

“Have youuuuuu seeeeeeeen Hamiltoooooooon yeeeeeeeeeet”

You stumble on, winds beating against your chest, as though the very air around you were trying to impede your progress. The nagging voice grows louder, filling your senses, giving the distinct impression that if you don’t respond, it’ll start bugging you on social media soon.


“Seriooooooouuuuusly, it’s sooooooooo gooooooooood”

Thankfully, the above scenario, which is is increasingly becoming a universal situation for anyone who has even one lone musical theater geek of an acquaintance, might one day be a thing of the past. The hip-hop history musical Hamilton may eventually be coming to NBC, the better to allow you to finally respond, “Yes, I’ve seen Hamilton, but your incessant nagging has already ruined it for me, just like it did with Buffy The Vampire Slayer.” (Of course, this will be a lie, because no amount of pestering by friends can ruin Buffy.) E! Online reports the insanely popular Broadway show about one of our founders might eventually find a home on the faded jigsaw puzzle of American TV entertainment, the National Broadcasting Corporation, thanks to the deep pockets of network chairman Bob Greenblatt. From the man himself:

I’m very fortunate to be a personal investor in Hamilton. I’m friendly and close with all those producers and the creative team, and I think sure, we’d love to be able to film Hamilton in some capacity but I think it would be years before they even look at a movie or any kind of film version of that show.

Sure, that comment about it being years before anything might happen may lead one to suspect there’ll be plenty of time to see it on the stage prior to any televised airing, but honestly: How many of us have managed to snag tickets to The Book Of Mormon on Broadway yet? Right, so apply that to Hamilton, and suddenly the time frame for an NBC airing of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s show being our first viewing doesn’t seem so unlikely. Of course, if you can’t wait that long, you might be better off booking a flight to Chicago and scoring tickets there later this year. That, or changing your Twitter profile to read, “Look, I will watch Hamilton when I get to Hamilton, damn it.”

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