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Illustration for article titled The first official image from iSpectre/i reveals that James Bond will be chilly

One of the pressures of mounting the latest installment of a massively successful global film franchise is knowing that millions of people are waiting for the slightest bit of news to leak from the project. Any tiny morsel of information or teasing image can potentially stoke the flames of anticipation—or inspire derisive laughter. So the producers of Spectre, the upcoming James Bond installment, surely wanted to do it right when they released the first official image and behind-the-scenes sneak peek video about the film. The image is above; the video, below.


There are some obvious spoilers contained in the above image. For instance, this film will reveal that James Bond is bad at dressing for cold weather. Who forgets their hat when they know they’ll be on top of a mountain? Second, we now know Bond has just come from beating up Lindsey Lohan and stealing her oversized sunglasses. So presumably this is after the climax of the film—rare to see a teaser of a denouement.

As for the video, the PR team decided to boldly give the people what they want. Excited fans will surely relish checking out sound bites from associate producer Gregg Wilson, production designer Dennis Gassner, and—in a rare “get”—production manager Martin Joy. Apparently a brief word from Bond himself, Daniel Craig, would ruin the cinematic spell fooling you into thinking that the British are capable of producing the world’s greatest secret agent. You do, however, get a fun moment with Dave Bautista (who, as we already knew, is playing villain Mr. Hinx) admitting that he’s never been on a mountain before. The clip ends with a quick shot of Craig doing some action, and the promise of an eventual movie. Spectre will be released on November 6.

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