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Last year, we heard that the soulless, nostalgia devouring machine known as Hollywood was developing live-action (or “live-action”) version of Rugrats, Tom And Jerry, and Sesame Street, with the latter two coming from Warner Bros. and the first one coming from Paramount. Now, possibly because nobody in Hollywood talks to each other, all three of those movies are set to come out within four-months. According to Deadline, both Sesame Street and Rugrats will hit theaters on January 15, 2021, with Tom And Jerry hitting a few months later on April 16. Now, release dates are fickle (especially this far in advance), and Rugrats has already been moved from its original 2020 release date, but doesn’t this seem like an awful lot of “here’s that thing you liked as a kid!” for such a relatively short period of time?


Anne Hathaway is reportedly going to star in Sesame Street, though that’s really all we know about that one (apparently it involves some kind of street populated by helpful people and friendly muppets who like to teach children about stuff). Tom And Jerry is about a cat trying to kill a mouse, and it’s being directed by Tim Story from Barbershop and Ride Along for some reason. Finally, Rugrats is going to be some kind of “live-action film featuring CGI characters,” which we didn’t understand when it was announced last summer and we still don’t understand today.

Those same first few months of 2021 will also see two Marvel Studios movies (maybe The Eternals for one, but we don’t know) and Fast And Furious 10, but that’s different. Those are ostensibly movies for grown-ups.

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