Though The Stooges put out a middling record, The Weirdness, just six years ago, the last album billed as "Iggy And The Stooges"—complete with guitarist James Williamson—was 1973’s Raw Power. All that changes this April 30 with Ready To Die, the group’s first record under that name in 40 years.

Ready To Die—a title that's sure to cause a lot of misheard "Biggie/Iggy" confusion for years to come—finds Williamson reunited with Iggy Pop and drummer Scott “Rock Action” Asheton, with Minuteman Mike Watt filling in for the late Ron Asheton on bass. Asheton died in 2009, essentially ending the existence of The Stooges proper, though Pop has said that "Iggy And The Stooges" will continue to make records, lest anyone think they “just go and twiddle around on stage to make a bunch of fucking money.”