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The Expanse

Those looking to mix in some sci-fi—sorry, Syfy—spaceship noir with their Thanksgiving day festivities are in for a treat: The House That Sharknado Built is offering up the first episode of its new, space-based conspiracy thriller The Expanse online, three weeks ahead of the show’s premiere.

Based on a series of Hugo-nominated novels by authors Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, The Expanse stars Thomas Jane as a police detective operating out of the asteroid belt, investigating the disappearance of a missing heiress. Threading the line between the network’s highbrow fare like the upcoming Childhood’s End, and shows where people wander abandoned office buildings looks for the world’s most boring ghost, the series looks like it has the potential to be good, pulpy fun. (It’s also, for some reason, the second show—after The Magiciansfrom the network’s current slate to feature scenes of zero-gravity boning, suggesting the possibility that someone at Syfy is working out their personal paraphilia in as public a forum as humanly possible.)


Anyway, you can watch “Dulcinea,” the first episode of The Expanse, right here, if you’re so inclined:

[via Pajiba]

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