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The first Deadpool trailer will be released on Tuesday

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As reported by Variety, Ryan Reynolds will be stopping by Conan on Tuesday to show off the first official trailer for Deadpool, his R-rated superhero movie that we’re all hoping is better than Green Lantern. This will be the first video released to the public since last year, when a clip of test footage leaked out long before the movie was actually in development. That clip got such good buzz, though, that Reynolds was able to convince Fox to let him squeeze into some red-and-black tights and make the full-length Deadpool movie.


Fox initially premiered a Deadpool trailer at Comic-Con a few weeks back that got a similar amount of good buzz, but as of right now we don’t know if the trailer we’ll see on Conan will be the same one. Obviously, that won’t make any difference to us, because we weren’t at Comic-Con and therefore had no way of seeing that trailer. For all we know, it could involve setting up a comics-accurate version of Deadpool’s origin, then cut to some action scenes directly lifted from that test footage, and then feature Deadpool’s first meeting with Negasonic Teenage Warhead—played by Brianna Hildebrand. Also, the X-Man known as Colossus might’ve been there for a bit too, but we don’t remember.

Wait, uhhh, actually, we don’t have any idea, because we never saw a leaked version of the Deadpool trailer that someone uploaded to YouTube right after Fox showed it at Comic-Con. Nope, we never saw anything like that. (Whew, that was close.)

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