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On Wednesday, the official Charlie’s Angels Twitter account announced that the trailer would be arriving the following day, complete with an “uploading” graphic set to a creepily jaunty piano tune. Though it offered little more than art deco angel wings, it was still a departure from the typical sexy silhouettes or string-heavy theme music that used to define the franchise. That’s not terribly surprising: The Elizabeth Banks-directed reboot always promised to be different from what we’ve seen from brand before, turning the former police trio into international spies and presenting the possibility of a female Bosley (Banks). If you’re gonna take a crack at something we’ve already seen, might as well change things up a bit, yeah?

The new trailer has just arrived and as promised, it’s Charlies Angels with a slightly different energy.

Kristen Stewart and Ella Balinska are Sabina and Jane, seasoned agents who are tasked with showing the doe-eyed newbie Elena (Naomi Scott) the ways of the work. We also get a peek at the bevy of Bosleys as Banks is joined by Patrick Stewart and Djimon Hounsou. The foundation is fairly traveled ground: Elena is the lead programmer on some tech that can be easily fashioned into a dangerous weapon and now the Angels must get their hands on what could become “every bad guy’s new toy.” But it does have the potential to harness some of the can-do charm of Banks’ previous projects like Pitch Perfect. There’s no shortage of action and people who are very good with weaponry and sometimes, that’s all you (hopefully) need. But if that’s not enough, this reboot also offers an adorably bumbling Noah Centineo playing a “handsome nerd.” Hey, a brand is a brand.


The trailer also previewed the film’s theme song from Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Lana Del Ray. There will be the inevitable comparisons to Destiney’s Child’s 2000 hit “Independent Women” which served both Drew Barrymore’s Angels reboot and general society well. Hopefully we’ll all remember that both songs, which were made for two different projects, can coexist without the usual cage match.

Charlie’s Angels report for duty in theaters November 15.

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