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The first batch of Oculus Rift preorders is already sold out

(Photo: Oculus)

Although the company missed the holiday-season shopping frenzy by a few weeks, Oculus VR recently announced that preorders for the Rift would open on January 6. (Of course, this was after having promised that preorders would be available in 2015 for fulfillment in 2016, but we digress.) For just $599, the hardcore gamer (or hermit) could purchase the Rift box set to tune out the outside world. But just as quickly as this wondrous possibility opened up to the VR fan community, that window has already (temporarily) closed. According to PC Gamer (via CinemaBlend), the first batch of Rift headsets has already sold out. If you’re among the lucky few who snapped one up, you can slip it on this summer, as PC Gamer reports that the estimated shipping date is now set for May.

The Oculus VR blog features this tantalizing photo of the Rift headset, which comes with a mic, sensor, remote, and an Xbox One controller. What’s not pictured is the “fairly powerful personal computer” that will be needed to power and operate the Rift. If you’re interested in buying a Rift, you can still preorder one, though the continued high demand has made processing payments difficult for Oculus VR.

(Credit: Oculus)

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