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The Fire Walk With Me soundtrack is coming to vinyl

Fire Walk With Me

Just in time for the 25th anniversary of David Lynch’s weirdo Twin Peaks spin-off/prequel Fire Walk With Me, Mondo’s music label Death Waltz Recording Company has announced a special vinyl edition of the film’s soundtrack. According to a press release, the set will feature Angelo Badalamenti’s “gorgeous, eerie score with audio approved by the composer” as well as Lynch-approved artwork and packaging designed by Sam Smith and Jay Shaw. It’s also supposed to be “the perfect complement” to the vinyl Twin Peaks score that Death Waltz released last year, so you might as well buy both. The Fire Walk With Me vinyl will be available on January 25.

Alamo Drafthouse theaters will also be celebrating Fire Walk With Me‘s anniversary with screenings at some of its locations, and you can even get a special ticket bundle that includes the aforementioned vinyl soundtrack. You can find more information about the screenings at this link and you can see a photo of the soundtrack below.

(Image: Mondo)

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