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The Finest Hours’ Craig Gillespie to direct Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding

Harding in 1991. We can see it. (Photo: Getty Images)

Despite most recently directing a film that reportedly lost Disney $75 million, Finest Hours helmer Craig Gillespie has already found his next project. Gillespie’s been tapped to direct I, Tonya, that previously announced Tonya Harding biopic starring Margot Robbie. Apparently in Hollywood, you really can’t keep a good man down! (Emphasis on the “man.”)

Gillespie has had an interesting career trajectory. After working as a commercial director for years, he was actually replaced on his debut feature film—Billy Bob Thorton’s Mr. Woodcock—following several negative test screenings. But he fell into Hollywood’s good graces with the 2007 Ryan Gosling indie Lars And The Real Girl. He followed that up with the 2011 remake of Tom Holland’s Fright Night and 2014’s Million Dollar Arm, a Disney biopic that starred Jon Hamm as a sports agent who travels to India to look for new baseball talent. That led to Gillespie helming The Finest Hours, a tepidly reviewed flop that failed to even earn back its production budget at the box office.


While that Chris Pine Coast Guard drama stands as Gillespie’s most infamous box office failure, he’s actually yet to direct a runway commercial hit. But, hey, maybe I, Tonya producer Bryan Unkeless is hoping the sixth time is the charm.

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