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The financial situation of The Situation’s father creates a bad situation for The Situation. Situation.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino enjoyed a quick rise to reality stardom, what with his appearance on Dancing With The Stars and that abstinence PSA with Bristol Palin. But with news of a delayed fourth season for Jersey Shore, is seems The Situation may be coming back to earth, as the family members asking for handouts have started to turn up. Frank “Situation Sr.” Sorrentino, The Situation’s father, feels slighted due to some kind of financial squabble with his son, and in response he’s given a sensationalized tell-all interview with TMZ. Utilizing every opportunity to use the words “the situation” amidst enough obscenities to fit in a Scorsese monologue, Sr. sets himself up as a hardworking and loving father, claiming he “put [his] fucking balls on the line” for his son “a hundred fucking times,” but Mike “created more situations in [his] life, than the name he gave himself.” You can watch the whole thing here.

As if that anger wasn’t enough, the elder Situation already has another video out, where he follows through on his threat to expose scandals—albeit without any actual proof—relating one incident when Mike received oral sex from a 40-year-old co-worker in his office at a summer construction job his dad got for him through a friend. Situation Sr. even purports that Jr. claimed sexual harassment that got the woman fired. It’s abundantly clear that TMZ has more videos from this interview, and that Situation Sr. made a cash grab in desperation. The real gift is finding out that both Mike and Frank take pride in telling stories with the same vocal cadence, and now we have some kind of proof that the slimy douchebag gene can be isolated.

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