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The final scene from Whiplash is even better with music from F-Zero

It’s pretty clear from the scripts for both Whiplash and La La Land that Damien Chazelle really wants his audiences to get into jazz. But a cursory glance at the Billboard Hot 100 charts would confirm that, so far, he hasn’t been successful. Despite the lovingly shot live performances and impassioned speeches from jazz-loving characters, Chazelle’s films have failed to convert audiences into lifelong jazz-heads. Clearly, it’s a fool’s errand. That’s why we would advise that Chazelle abandon the genre completely and instead make his films all about music from Nintendo racing games. Just look how well it works in Whiplash:

With just a few minor edits, PC Gamer writer Andy Kelly was able to sync the wailing, blast-beat-riddled rock music from the Mario Kart 8 rendition of the “Mute City” theme from F-Zero with the high-tempo version of “Caravan” from the film’s finale. It fits so seamlessly even JK Simmons can’t help but bob his head along with the beat. The close-up shots of Miles Teller’s intense face mixed with the synthed-out shredding guitar is enough to make you think, “Hey, this is something I could get into.” Though that may have more to do with the catchiness of the “Mute City” theme than anything Chazelle is doing. As Kelly has proven before, that song pretty much works with anything:


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