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The final movie ever rented from Blockbuster was thematically appropriate

In a fitting end for a place that once housed lots of movie stars and stoners while its certain doom raged just outside, Blockbuster Video rented a copy of This Is The End in its final transaction on Nov. 9, just before shutting down all 300 of its remaining stores. The company tweeted a photo of the milestone rental, which was made in Hawaii at 11 p.m., from a couple of employees who seemed pretty stoked to be losing their jobs soon, perhaps owing to the fact that they worked at Blockbuster. Presumably the customer watched and enjoyed his copy of This Is The End, then threw it in the nearest volcano—because where’s he supposed to return it?—and will end up with a bill six months from now from a desperate Blockbuster, as it makes a last-ditch effort to collect a company-saving $11 million in late fees.  [via Variety]


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