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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

MTV (via Bloody Disgusting) reports that the fifth entry in the Final Destination horror series (brought to you in part by the makers of Mouse Trap) has the tentative, groan-inducing title 5nal Destination. What the 5uck? How do we even read that? “Fivenal Destination? Or is the “ve” silent? 2 Fast 2 Furious made some kind of dumb sense. And Scre4m gets a pass because the 4 is like a weird capital “A.” But this? This is just poor marketing. May whatever executive who came up with this find himself squashed between mobile shelving systems in the New Line archives.

We previously reported on the development of this sequel, but since then Steven Quale, longtime second-unit director for James Cameron on such films as Titanic and Avatar, has taken over directing duties from previous helmers David R. Ellis and James Wong. Naturally, with this director hire in particular, you can expect all sorts of elaborate deaths to be comin’ atcha in 3-D. Bloody Disgusting also serves up a spoiler on the obligatory opening catastrophe, which, per the story mechanism of the series, will result in Death—who once won a Rube Goldberg Machine Design contest with his good friend Jigsaw—chasing down survivors and making lights flicker and all of that stuff.


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