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The fight to revive Brooklyn Nine-Nine has already begun

Faster than you can say “Terry loves this,” the rallying cry has already gone up around Fox’s suddenly canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine, as The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline both report tonight on networks and studios expressing interest in taking the Andy Samberg-starring show on for themselves. Spurred in part by an outcry of support from fans—including famous ones like Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Hamill, and more—multiple networks and streaming services have quietly pushed forward some interest at grabbing the show, now that Fox apparently doesn’t want it anymore.


Hulu is the name that’s being bandied about the most at the moment, at least in part because it already has the streaming rights to the series. (Something that makes Netflix a less-likely candidate, in turn.) Plus, it’s not like the streaming service hasn’t gone this route before, resurrecting Fox’s The Mindy Project for three additional seasons a few years back.

The more traditional networks have also expressed some interest, though; the show is produced at Universal Television, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that its sister company, NBC, might take on the series for itself. (We’ll be honest: Despite the Michael Schur connection, that one feels like a longshot.) The other possible option is TBS: The network’s current head, Kevin Reilly, was the guy who developed and picked up the series while he was head of Fox; plus, they already air the show’s reruns, so it’s not like it’d be hard to figure out how to market it.

Of course, it’s possible that this is all just wishful thinking, and no mysterious benefactor is going to step in and save Brooklyn Nine-Nine at all. If so, the series had a good run; it’s still relatively rare for a TV show to cross the 100-episode milestone, and—if the outpouring of support from fans this afternoon was any indication—to go out quite so well-liked and loved when it did.


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