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The Field Museum delivers some badly needed science

Noé De La Sancha, Research Associate, Mammals (Photo: Field Museum)

It’s a dark day for science, as climate-change denier and attempted EPA dismantler Scott Pruitt has somehow become the EPA department head. So it’s understandable that a formidable institution like Chicago’s Field Museum would find this a perfect time to deliver a number of startlingly true facts in an extremely engaging way.

The Field made the following video, featuring a number of its curators and researchers, proudly stating facts like “Birds are living dinosaurs,” “All humans are immigrants from Africa,” and “Climate change is accelerating the rapid extinction of plants and animals… but we’re working on it.”

It’s a refreshing and much-needed reminder that even though our government currently appears to be clogged with idiots, many in the scientific community and elsewhere continue to fight the good fight. And that the science that institutions like the Field studies leads to valuable information that affects all cultures, landscapes, and lives.


You can find out more (like info on the museum’s current Tattoo exhibition) on the Field’s website, or prepare for the upcoming national March For Science on April 22, Earth Day.

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