In the lead-up to Wes Anderson’s latest film The Grand Budapest Hotel, Fox Searchlight has been creating some extensive online publicity gadgets to build out the world of the film. Last week marked the debut of the Akademie Zubrowka, a website in the guise of an academic case study that illuminates the history of the film’s location—the fictional Republic Of Zubrowka—along with a bunch of props found in the movie. This week, there’s a new Tumblr dedicated to the Zubrowka Film Commission. The site proudly purports that the 74 percent of the fictional nation’s citizens work in the film industry, that the country “consistently ranks within the top five most affordable shooting locations,” and that two out of three films shot in the small tourist-heavy nation go on “to garner worldwide accolades and win national awards.” It also features a number of behind-the-scene photos and GIFs from the set and featurettes on the cast—including newcomer Tony Revolori, who plays Ralph Fiennes' protégé. The Grand Budapest Hotel opens on March 7.