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The fictional Marc Maron returns to stand-up in an exclusive Maron clip

(Photo: IFC)

The fourth season of Maron found our hero in dire straits: Unemployed, addicted to Oxycontin after years of sobriety, and living out of a storage locker. Soon after, the perpetually perturbed comedian checked into rehab, where he made some new friends and had a fling with Amy Pietz while getting sober, losing the beard, and bringing back the Zappa mustache.

Now The A.V. Club has an exclusive clip from this week’s episode, “Sobriety Bush;” by this point in the season, the fictional Marc Maron is now out of rehab and living in a one-woman halfway house run by maternal guest star Sally Struthers (who has a reputation for taking on the unfortunate). But his new living situation may actually be worse than living out of the storage locker—or as he referred to it, the “artists’ community”—as fans of the show will know that the last thing Marc needs is another overbearing mother.


In the clip, Marc attempts a return to stand-up comedy and finds that things aren’t as easy as they used to be while regaling a half-filled room with tales of his second attempt at sobriety. This being a Marc Maron joint, it doesn’t go very well at all.

Maron airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on IFC.

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