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Photo: Kevin Winter (Getty Images for Coachella)

Kanye West may not be God, but nobody can deny that he’s just about as close as we’re ever going to get. On Saturday, he descended to our mortal realm to try and break up the feud between Drake and Pusha T—though “feud” is a little generous considering that Drake essentially brought Socker Boppers to a knife fight—with West declaring on Twitter that he’s “never been about beef” and so the feud “is dead now.” Still, West’s word can only do so much, so influential rap producer James Prince (a.k.a. J Prince) has apparently stepped in to actually shut this thing down for good.

As explained by Stereogum, Prince is a legendary behind-the-scenes figure in hip-hop who has supposedly managed to “shape rap history through intimidation and reputation” multiple times, and he recently told Maryland’s DTLR Radio that he called Drake over the weekend and told him to give up on the Pusha feud. Prince is the CEO of Rap-A-Lot records, and Stereogum says his son helped introduce Drake to artists like Lil Wayne after hearing his music on MySpace years ago. Prince has even stuck up for Drake in other feuds, so it stands to reason that he’d be an influential figure in his life.


Prince says he told Drake that keeping the Pusha feud alive was part of a “pigpen mentality” and that “we can’t get in the pigpen with pigs because pigs turn into hogs and then hogs get slaughtered.” You can hear a clip of it below.

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